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It is highly recommended to deep clean any public place, work environment, school or premises so as to make sure that there is proper disinfection of all surface areas, equipment, and the disposal of any materials from which the virus could pass on to anyone in the said place.

We make use of protective equipment and specialised cleaning tools and methods to carry out extensive deep cleaning.

In fact we have previous experience with other coronaviruses, the SARS-CoV and the MERS-CoV, where we also carried out deep cleaning services.

Since the risk of infection transmission is high and dependent on various aspects, we do our utmost to deep clean and we are following the applicable rules as suggested by the UK government. 


Sterilisation & Disinfecting

We will clean and disinfect any objects that were contaminated with body fluids when there has been a known case of a coronavirus COVID-19 infected individual who has been in that place.

We will pay special attention to high contact areas such as bathrooms, rails, door handles, telephones and any equipment.

We will start off by sanitise wiping all surface areas. We do this by preparing a cleaning solution, and using a damp cloth we wipe all surfaces and rinse with that solution. Fogging can also be carried out for deep cleaning and disinfection. 


COVID-19 Cleaner

We understand that many of our customers are rightly concerned about removing, reducing or containing the threat of contamination.

Wood's Property Services are working with our existing, and new customers to help them meet more demanding cleaning and hygiene regimes.

During our cleaning processes we use One Clean All Clear is an appropriate and effective sanitising/decontamination product which is widely used within hospitals, food preparation areas, schools etc.

One Clean All Clear is effective against enveloped viruses.

Give us a call today on 07582868538 or contact via email to book in a clean.

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